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Gro-Turf (Premium Topdress)

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Product Description

truck.pngGro-Turf™ Premium Topdressing is formulated for maximal root growth with a blend of compost, aged bark, peat, sandand sandy loam. It is balanced for pH, water holding capacity and air porosity. When spreading on your lawn, a depth between 1/4" to 1/2" should be used. When you first plant grass you can start with the best screened topsoil but once the grass is established, topdressing is the only way to properly replenish the lawn’s soil. Fertilizing will add nutrients to the existing soil; however it cannot replace the mixture of sandy soil and composted organic material that has been depleted.


Why Topdress:

Topdressing is the process of adding a fine layer of fresh soil to the lawn surface. Top dressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time. Another benefit of top dressing the lawn is that it will help to even out any lumps and bumps that are present on an uneven lawn, filling in any small hollows that may develop. Top dressing also stimulates the grass to produce new shoots and so results in denser grass cover, which helps combat the onset of weed and moss infestation.


How do I Topdress:

The key to applying the top dressing is to make sure that you get a thin, even spread of the top dressing over the area and to make sure that the top dressing does not remain ‘on top’ of the grass blades. The top dressing should penetrate down to soil level. Before you begin you may find that on heavy or compacted soils, aerating a few days before will help your topdressing application. You then spread the top dressing over the required area using a flat surface such as the back side of a rake. Make sure that the spreading action leaves no bumps on the surface and fills all the hollows in. Do not leave top dressing lying on the surface of the lawn. You can use a garden rake or a stiff bristled broom to work the Top Dressing down into the blades of grass.


When should you Topdress:

You should topdress the lawn in spring or autumn, because grass seed germinates when the temperature is approximately 15ºC – 20ºC. Lawns which are based on poor quality soil will benefit from top dressing the soil each year. Lawns based on good quality soil should not need top dressing every year, although if you want a really top class lawn then you may wish to do so!

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Product Reviews

  1. Perfect for enhancing grass - repair lawn 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd May 2021

    Used this in late april, including aeration and seeding. So far so good with lots new grass thickening the lawn. Consistency of material was very good, no large chunks and rich mixture.

  2. Very satisfied 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th May 2017

    The product was delivered promptly (in fact a bit earlier than promised) and the quality of the contents seem first-rate. It is unlikely I will make it to Whitby to return the bag, but it is very strong and will hopefully come in handy for some other project in the future.

  3. Fast and Prompt Delivery as per my request 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2015

    Great and excellent customer service. Also the quality of the product. Knowledgeable staff about the products. Delivery person kept the product exactly where I have mentioned very nicely. Thanks to all.