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How soon will I get my Wondertote

*** We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of orders. You will most likely receive you order in 3 to 8 days at this time***

After we receive your order you can normally expect to see your product(s) within 3 business days. We strive to deliver sooner though. If you really need to know you can send us an email using the icon at the top of the page or call the number shown in the upper right hand corner.


Do I need to be home.

No. We will place your Wondertote where you ask us to and we will keep you up to date by email so you know when we are coming.

How is the Wondertote delivered:

We Deliver using a boom truck, which has a 10-15 foot clearance from the road


Where can you place my Wondertote:
We are able to place on driveways or lawns, as long as the spot is within 10-15 feet from the road. Some people will mark the spot with chalk or tape where they would like the Tote placed or by giving detailed instructions on the last page of the check-out using the shipping comments box. Remember if you say on the left side of the Driveway we take that to mean if we are on the street looking at the house.


Any Restrictions:
We cannot drive on your grass, the neighbors property, or on your driveway, as the truck is very heavy.