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Received my  delivery same day as ordered . Great service
Thak you so much

Kindest Regards Buzzy

Thanks so much for your timely service.  I coudn't believe the soil got to my house before I even got home on the day I ordered it.  Now, that is great service!  It was also perfectly placed by our back gate to make it easy access to our yard.  Thanks again. 


Verrrrrry happy with the wood.  Had a fire last nite.  I am not experienced with the various types of wood & how they burn.  Friends told me birch was the best. I certainly noticed the difference in how it lit, burned & stayed lit.  Love it. Will certainly tell others in the complex about it.


Thanks very much for your very efficient service.  Your product was exactly what I needed so I can do the work when I have time without worrying about a load of mulch sitting on my driveway for a long time.

Have a great day,  

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your delivery service and your product!

The gentleman who delivered our dirt was timely, pleasant, and very accommodating. 

I have had other bags of dirt “delivered” this year. Instead they were unceremoniously dumped onto the front sidewalk. Some dirt spilled onto the sidewalk, and, to save the bag, I had to dig the dirt out a bit at a time while on my knees.

Your dirt is a much superior quality, and a MUCH larger bag for a similar price.

I will recommend you to everyone I can! 

Thank you so much!!!

Brenda D


Thanks for the great service.  The bag arrived full and I am very happy.  I will certainly mention your name to my neighbors when they see me using the dirt over the weekend, and will be recommending your company to clients that I deal with during my day.



I've rec'd the bag, just in the place in which I marked.....thanks so much!
Lets just pray for sun and warmth!  Thank-you for your service, I think I'll be calling again!

Cheryl S.


Ordering my Big White Bag was so easy. Having my garden soil delivered in the big bag was clean and very convenient. I won't slug bags from the garden centre again.


Thanks for the great service. Garden Party is fantastic!


I used to order from your competition. I decided to try your product this time. Wow I was very impressed with Garden Party. I like the fact it has more compost and less Peat. I will order again next year.


I had a bag of Woodlands Garden Mix delivered and the amount was perfect for my new raised bed. The soil looks wonderful very dark and rich. Smells wonderful too.


This is my second year ordering your service. Last year was garden mix, this year mulch. Great service and great product. Thanks


Thank You for the fast & efficient delivery.  I really appreciate it and now my helper will be here Thursday afternoon. 

Have A Great Weekend


Thank you so much. Wow that was fast. I didn’t even have time to paint the “X” where to put the bags and your driver put them right where I wanted them… What a guy/gal!

I will use your service again and will definitely refer.

Thanks again


A happy customer.